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Jan 01, 2023

If your dentist suggests root canal treatment, you will probably question your alternatives to this frightening treatment. You find yourself in a quandary when your dentist recommends obtaining a root canal to preserve your tooth or getting the tooth extracted to eliminate an infection causing excruciating pain and sensitivity in your mouth.

Having two options before you deal with an infected tooth, you might be weighing the pros and cons of root canals vs. tooth extraction. Tooth removal is a convenient option to find freedom from the pain caused by the infected tooth without needing root canal therapy that helps save your natural tooth. However, is it best to remove a severe infection from your mouth? If you need to realize, we suggest you learn from this article why preserving your tooth is better than having it extracted to benefit your dental health.

Root Canal or Tooth Extraction: What Causes More Stress?

When having dental pulp infections affecting a specific tooth and receiving a recommendation for root canal treatment near you, stress will undoubtedly overwhelm you because of the fearsome reputation of this tooth-preserving treatment. You think the dentist treating you will drill your tooth (which they do), dig deep into it, and create significant pain in the mouth to leave you incapacitated for a few days.

While thinking about root canal treatment isn’t unjustified, you forget that dentists don’t perform any painful procedure without providing adequate anesthesia in your mouth to ensure you experience no pain when getting the infection eradicated from the tooth. You will likely feel pressure as the dentist works in your mouth but will experience no pain until at least 4 to 6 hours after the treatment. After the anesthesia wears off, you will confront discomfort from the painful procedure. However, the dentist performing root canal treatment in Ellicott city provides a prescription or suggests over-the-counter painkillers to help you manage the pain and recover without complications.

After completing root canal treatment, the dentist suggests you must get your tooth restored with a dental crown after you recover. The dental crown procedure requires you to visit your regular dentist to have a customized crown created explicitly for your tooth to protect it from further damage and restore aesthetics and functionality. As can be seen, while requiring some effort to preserve your natural tooth, the procedure undoubtedly helps benefit your dental health by letting you have a tooth that remains with you for life.

Stress from Tooth Extraction

If you favor tooth extraction instead of receiving the tooth-preserving root canal treatment, you can comfortably schedule an appointment with the endodontist near you to remove your infected tooth. The dentist will complete the procedure in under 30 minutes, leaving you free to walk home without the infected tooth in your mouth. However, as the extracted tooth socket heals, you begin noticing the after-effects of tooth loss that cause more stress.

Your remaining teeth start drifting towards the empty gap left by the missing tooth to create problems with your bite. In addition, the empty tooth socket becomes a breeding ground for food particles and plaque to remain trapped, causing infections like cavities and periodontal disease in your mouth. The problems you confront with the missing tooth compound further when you visit dentists requesting treatments for the infections or a solution to the problem forever.

You confront additional stress at the dentist’s office when they suggest replacing your missing tooth with dentures, bridges, or an implant if you need a long-lasting solution. Your anxiety increases manifold when the dentist explains the procedure to replace your missing tooth, giving details about each process and the number of appointments you need with them for the replacement tooth. As you return from your meeting with the dentist, you wonder whether getting your natural tooth treated and restored by the fearful root canal treatment was better than seeking replacements for your missing tooth.

What’s Better, Root Canals or Tooth Extraction?

Root canals are always better for saving an infected tooth by eradicating the infection within. Moreover, they prevent needing tooth replacements and enable you to use a natural part of your body for many years with restoration. Therefore if you receive a suggestion to eliminate the infection in your tooth should be your preferred option over getting the tooth extracted and enduring immense stress besides expenditure, consequences of a missing tooth, and spending more time with dentists for the replacement.

Excel Dental Care receives many patients needing root canals but preferring tooth removal instead of accepting this tooth-preserving treatment. Therefore, if you receive a recommendation for root canals from this practice, kindly favor it instead of tooth removal for freedom from unnecessary stress and expenditure.

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