Financing and Insurance in Ellicott City, MD

One of the most important elements people often consider when trying to find dental care is whether or not they have the financing to do so. Not all insurance policies are the same, and many offices will only accept payments from a couple of providers. Here at Excel Dental Care, we strive to offer quality service and want our patients to leave with healthy mouths. We thus accept most insurance plans and have financing available.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance is a tricky business, and discovering just what procedures are covered is an essential part of receiving treatment. Here at Excel Dental Care, we strive to offer care to as many patients as possible and thus accept most providers and plans. More information is available in-office when skilled employees can discuss particulars one-on-one with patients.

If a patient discovers they need long-term treatment, orthodontics, or a serious procedure like the creation of dentures, it’s important to discuss current coverage with one’s provider before seeking further treatment from the office.

Patients who are not currently covered by an insurance plan or provider can seek available alternative financing.
In-Network Insurances

Available Financing

Dental treatment is a necessity as much as other medical care, so the office strives to ensure everyone can get the help they need. Individuals without insurance coverage, or patients who don’t have insurance at all, can create an alternative financing plan.

Any alternative financing like a payment plan should create an agreement with the office before treatment begins.

When to Handle Insurance

We request that all patients bring insurance information like provider and policy number with them to their first appointment. If possible, individuals should have an insurance card or a similar document that can be scanned and uploaded into the office’s system for future reference and billing. Before deciding upon a procedure, please remember to check with the insurance provider about coverage.

We look forward to working with you and providing some of the simplest financing and insurance processes in Ellicott City, MD.

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