Root Canal Treatment in Ellicott City, MD

Root canal treatment is a very common dental procedure. It’s a simple procedure when performed at the right time by qualified professionals. At Excel Dental Care in Ellicott City, MD, we have the experience of turning these from scary procedures to simple visits.

Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, a root canal treatment is no longer the excruciating treatment it used to be. There is no need to dread getting a root canal treatment with Excel Dental Care. Root canals are a great way to avoid having to pull your natural teeth. It would help if you saw your emergency dentist near me as soon as things get painful, though, because abscesses and infections can make their way from teeth into bloodstreams, causing severe problems. If you think you need a root canal, give us a call and let us reassure you that the process is simple.

Root Canal Treatment

Your teeth each have nerves in them. These nerves are insulated by pulp, which means they will not hurt when you talk, chew, or breathe. When you get cavities or bacteria deep within your teeth, the nerve endings will cause tremendous pain because they will become inflamed. Before root canal treatments, the only solution was to pull a tooth before that bacteria caused abscesses and infection. Modern root canal treatments allow dentists to treat the infection without extracting a patient’s natural tooth.

Purpose of Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments sterilize the inside of infected teeth. They will remove the infected pulp that surrounds the nerve and fill the tooth with sterilized material instead. These root canal treatments are sealed using dental crowns and fillings.

When the root canal treatment is finished, a tooth will function as if it were a natural tooth. The only difference is that the nerves are gone from inside the tooth, so you need to make sure to test food temperature with other teeth and avoid biting your tongue with the nerveless tooth.

Root Canal Treatments Versus Extractions

It can be difficult to decide whether you need a root canal treatment or an extraction because both serve very similar purposes. At Excel Dental Care, our dentist Ellicott City, MD can assess your situation and determine the proper procedure for your oral health.

A dentist near you will also be available in surrounding locations, including Woodstock, Catonsville, West Friendship, Columbia, Baltimore National Pike, and Marriottsville. Schedule an appointment with a emergency dentist in Ellicott City, MD today!

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