Dental Exams & Cleanings in Ellicott City, MD

People seeking quality exams and cleanings in Ellicott City, MD, can come to Excel Dental Care to receive treatment that focuses on improving and maintaining overall oral health and wellness.

Why many people avoid going to the dentist is out of fear – either of the cleaning or the cost. However, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that the average individual visits twice a year. It’s best to see the same dentist near you establish a professional repertoire, but seeing someone new is nothing wrong if you like one office better than another.

What Is a Dental Exam?

A dental exam is a visual and tactile inspection of the teeth, gums, and other mouth elements. The exam’s purpose is to determine whether or not there are signs of disease, decay, infection, or other potentially serious problems. The dentist near me will carry out a comprehensive inspection which will include:

  • X-rays to look inside of the teeth and to spot cavities or jaw misalignment
  • A search for tooth decay using a light, pick, and mirror
  • A check for periodontal gum disease also called gingivitis or periodontitis
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • A check on the current status of any restorations like crowns or implants

Regular exams are crucial because they help the dentist Ellicott City, MD catch potentially serious issues early. When discovered at an emerging stage, most problems like gum disease and tooth decay can be reversed or fixed. When it comes to cancer, regular screening means the disease is caught early, and treatment can begin, lowering the chances of it spreading.

What Is a Cleaning?

Although almost everyone brushes their teeth at home, the average toothbrush’s bristles are not long enough to reach all plaque, and most children and adults do not do a thorough enough job. Over time, this allows a sticky substance called plaque to builds up on the teeth and gums and cause decay.

During a cleaning, the general dentist in Ellicott City, MD and hygienists can scrape away built-up plaque, improving overall oral health. They can also eliminate tartar and polish the teeth to eliminate stains. Dr. Maryam Roosta in Ellicott City, MD, is available to offer the treatment services. If you are looking for services in surrounding locations like Woodstock, Catonsville, West Friendship, Columbia, Turf Valley, Clarksville, Baltimore National Pike, Elkridge, Centennial Park, and Marriottsville, you can avail services from our dental clinic near you. Our dentist Ellicott City can’t wait to meet you.

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