Tooth Extractions in Ellicott City, MD

Dental extractions can be very scary procedures. At Excel Dental Care in Ellicott City, MD, we want to reassure you that this process is manageable. Our dentist Ellicott City has tons of experience with this process and can help make it as easy as possible, offering answers to questions and reassurances every step of the way.

Why do teeth need extractions?

There are several reasons to extract a tooth that a root canal treatment won’t fix. The most common extraction is having wisdom teeth removed. Tooth decay, infections, and crowding of small jaws can also require a tooth to be extracted.

Dr. Maryam Roosta in Ellicott City, MD, performs the tooth extraction process using the latest technology equipment and techniques to ensure that the process is rather quick and painless.

Tooth Extraction Process

Tooth extractions can be either simple or surgical, depending on the cause. If your tooth is visible, it’s a simple process. Impacted teeth require surgery.

Excel Dental Care will administer a local anesthetic for simple extractions. It will numb your tooth and jaw during the process. While you will feel uncomfortable pressure, you will not feel any pain. Our dentist Ellicott City, MD will loosen your tooth and remove it with forceps.

For impacted teeth, you will need a surgical procedure. Our emergency dentist near me will give you anesthesia through an IV as well as administering the local anesthesia. It will relax and calm you for the procedure. We may also give you general anesthesia to put you under if you’re anxious or have certain medical conditions. It will allow you to sleep through the entire procedure. We then cut into your gum and extract the tooth. We may need to remove some of your bone to cut the tooth out of your mouth.

Recovery from Extraction

Most patients recover from a tooth extraction within a few days. Ice packs can reduce swelling around your mouth. You can bite down on the gauze pad placed over your affected area to reduce the bleeding time and help it clot. Rest for your first day, and slowly ease back into your usual routine. Avoid cigarettes. Don’t rinse your mouth or use a straw the first day, and spit gently. Brush and floss your teeth, but avoid the extraction area.

As you heal, we are available to answer any questions. If you’re in emergency dentist in Ellicott City, MD, see our dentist near you if you need a tooth extracted. You can also get an appointment scheduled with us even if you are in surrounding locations, including Woodstock, Catonsville, West Friendship, Columbia, Baltimore National Pike, Elkridge, Turf Valley, Clarksville, Centennial Park, and Marriottsville.

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