Dental Bridges in Ellicott City, MD

Here at Excel Dental Care, we know exactly how to install and maintain healthy dental bridges. If you’re a resident of Ellicott City, MD, then see our dentist Ellicott City for your care. We can book an appointment to see our experienced team and take care of all your dental needs.

Dental Bridge Basics

A dental bridge is one of the ways a dentist can cover up a missing tooth. Dental bridges are false teeth that are held in place by neighboring teeth. Usually, these are made out of porcelain so that it will blend in with your natural teeth.

Traditional Bridge

A traditional bridge is a tooth that is held in place by cementing it to the two neighboring teeth’ crowns. This is the most popular type of bridge. The Maryland variation uses two teeth on each side of the gap instead of one. These bridges use metal and porcelain frameworks that get bonded to the backs of nearby teeth instead.

Cantilever Bridge

If you don’t have two healthy teeth beside the missing tooth, a cantilever bridge can be used instead. This holds the tooth in place with a crown that only cements to one natural tooth.

Implant-Supported Bridge

This type of bridge doesn’t use crowns to support the missing tooth. Instead, it uses a tooth implant in the missing tooth’s space and holds it in position. This requires surgery but lasts much longer.

Bridge or Implant?

Trying to decide which procedure is better for your needs can be difficult. A lot of dental insurance plans cover both options, but more of them cover bridges than dental implants. Bridges need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years, but implants are permanent solutions. If you’re not interested in surgery, or your jawbone isn’t dense enough to handle an implant, you may be better off with bridges.

What do dental bridges cost?

The price of bridges varies based on your individual needs. The best way to determine the cost would be to call us at Excel Dental Care and book an appointment in our Ellicott City, MD office. Our dentist Ellicott City, MD can assess your needs from there.

In order to ensure that maximum people can avail services, the dental clinic offers services even in surrounding locations, including Woodstock, Catonsville, West Friendship, Columbia, Turf Valley, Clarksville, Baltimore National Pike, Elkridge, Centennial Park, and Marriottsville. Visit our emergency dentist near me today!

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