Invisalign Treatment Effectively Straightens Your Teeth Discreetly

May 03, 2021

Do you want a discreet method to straighten your teeth without worrying about metal brackets and braces? Advances in dentistry have enabled many people to skip orthodontic treatments for straightening their teeth, preferring Invisalign instead. Orthodontic braces aren’t aesthetically pleasing, and the metal in the mouth is inconvenient. Brushing and flossing are challenging with braces, so is having the foods you love or chewing gum.

If you want your teeth straightened without the involvement of an orthodontist, you can contact the best dentist near me, providing dental Invisalign to straighten teeth. Invisalign near me, provided by the dentist in Ellicott City, MD, does not damage the inside of your mouth because the treatment comprises of wearing dental-grade clear plastic aligners. The aligners are virtually invisible without any metal brackets or wires and don’t require frequent appointments for adjustments as it is familiar with braces. You need to visit the dentist Ellicott City for periodical assessments and collect replacements for your existing aligners. Besides this requirement, you can continue with the treatment without hassles by adhering to the dentist’s instructions.

How Do You Begin Treatment with Invisalign Clear Aligners?

To begin the treatment with Invisalign aligners, you must schedule an appointment with the Ellicott city dentist to evaluate your situation. Invisalign treatment isn’t suitable for people with complicated underbites, overbites, open bites, gaps between their teeth, extremely crooked or crowded teeth. The dentist at this facility evaluates your teeth and, if you are suitable, takes images and x-rays with state-of-the-art technology to show you how your smile looks like at the end of the treatment.

The images are sent To Align Technologies, who customize the aligners for your teeth. A couple of weeks after the assessment, you receive your first set of aligners within instructions from the dentist to begin wearing them right away for approximately two weeks, after which you receive replacements to continue the treatment.

Invisalign aligners gradually move your teeth to their desired positions requiring about 18 to 24 months to complete the treatment. You must wear the aligners for 20 to 22 overs every day, removing them only when eating and maintaining appropriate oral hygiene. Leaving the aligners on your teeth for the specified time by the dentist is incredibly essential to ensure your teeth begin moving in the direction they are supposed to. If you compromise with the timeline, you must prepare yourself to work longer with the aligners or deal with treatment failure.

Will Your Teeth Shift As Desired with Invisalign?

Thus far, approximately 9 million people have benefited from Invisalign after using the aligners as recommended by the pediatric dentist ellicott city. There is no reason for you to worry whether the clear plastic aligners can shift your teeth into their desired positions like metal brackets and wires. Invisalign has mastered the technology and is providing treatment in America and worldwide for over two decades. Most people deemed suitable for Invisalign have inquired how long does Invisalign takes?

The routine answer provided by most dentists to the question above is similar. You are responsible for straightening your teeth with Invisalign. So long as you adhere to the dentist’s instructions, you aren’t likely to experience any failure with the treatment. The results delivered by Invisalign are effective and help you to achieve beautiful teeth and a straighter smile faster than traditional orthodontic treatments. Best of all, Invisalign treatment has proved itself as authentic and credible, backed by updated technology to straighten your teeth.

What Other Restrictions Are Imposed by Invisalign?

Invisalign imposes upon you the requirement of wearing the aligners 20 to 22 hours every day without exceptions. Besides the above, the aligners are removable for eating and drinking anything but water and appropriately maintaining your oral hygiene. It would be best to visit the cheapest Invisalign near me provider once every six to eight weeks for an assessment and collect your replacement set of aligners.

Invisalign treatment doesn’t impose on you any restrictions other than the above. You can continue wearing the aligners when moving around with your friends and colleagues, confident that no one will notice them because they are virtually invisible. As the aligners are made from smooth dental-grade plastic, they are unlikely to damage your cheeks and gums when wearing them, even when sleeping. Therefore if you desire a straighter smile with beautiful-looking teeth and are suitable for Invisalign treatment, you must consider this option over any other for straightening your teeth.

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