Root Canal Treatment Preserves Your Natural Tooth: Why Fear Having It?

Apr 01, 2021

Which dental treatment makes you believe Armageddon is just around the corner? Obviously, it’s root canal treatment near me, even if recommended by the top dentistry near me. You worry about the pain the treatment will bring upon you instead of thinking it is a beneficial treatment to save your natural tooth. You run away from the dentist in Ellicott City, MD, after hearing them mention you need root canal treatment Ellicott City, MD, to relieve you from the intense pain and sensitivity you currently experience in your tooth.

Why do you fear root canal treatments? Have you experienced the procedure earlier to find it obnoxious? Do you believe the tales about root canal treatments that are encouraging you to avoid having the infected tooth treated? You are undoubtedly committing a grave error because you are leaving an infection in your tooth that will likely expose you to more complications.

Why Mustn’t You Fear Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a relatively straightforward procedure where the dentist in Excel dental care in Ellicott City, MD, carefully removes the infected or inflamed pulp from within your tooth, cleans, and shapes the root canal insides before filling and sealing the space.

The dentist is not a heartless individual and understands the root canal procedure causes intense pain if performed without local anesthesia or sedation. As you are anxious about root canal treatments, the dentist provides dental sedation to calm your anxiety and local anesthesia to manage pain. The procedure is accomplished in a couple of visits, after which the dentist recommends you have the tooth restored with a dental crown or permanent filling to protect the tooth and restore its functionality. You may think you are undergoing a painful procedure but may eventually believe the process was over in minutes, although it may have taken over an hour to complete.

Reading about the description of how root canals are performed should make you confident to go ahead with the treatment and have your tooth restored instead of allowing it to face extraction.

Why Are You Concerned about Root Canal Treatments?

When recommended dental treatments like root canals, the first concern in your mind is how to relieve pain after root canal treatment? Thankfully you don’t have to worry about managing pain after undergoing the procedure. The dentist Ellicott city provides useful advice on how you can comfortably relieve pain after the process. They even help you providing prescriptions or over-the-counter painkiller recommendations to make you comment you feel comfortable after the procedure.

The Ellicott city dentist supports you all the way during and after performing root canal treatment. Your tooth remains sensitive for a few days after receiving the treatment, especially if you had pain before the procedure. Here again, so long as you follow the dentist’s instructions, you can comfortably overcome the discomfort with medications they prescribe or recommend until you recover.

You may experience a difference in how your tooth feels after undergoing root canal treatment. Still, if you have severe pain or pressure lasting for over a few days, you can contact the Ellicott City emergency dentist for assistance.

Foods You Can Have after Root Canal Treatment

Another concern in your mind relates to what to eat after root canal treatment? After undergoing any dental procedure, you must eat soft foods that don’t require intense chewing. It helps shop for foods like applesauce, yogurt, eggs, and fish before undergoing the treatment. You must avoid hot or hard foods that might cause pain to the treated tooth.

Your dentist might suggest not to eat anything for a few hours until the anesthesia in your mouth wears off entirely. The reason for the recommendation is to ensure you don’t bite your cheeks or tongue.

If you decide not to undergo root canal treatment, the only option left is to have the tooth extracted and start searching for tooth replacements. Replacing an extracted tooth requires a considerable expenditure by way of multiple appointments with the dentist and the tooth placement option you have chosen. In contrast, root canal treatments are affordable and help preserve the natural tooth so long as you have it restored by a dental crown. The restored tooth will last you for as long as your other natural teeth.

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