When is Tooth Extraction Necessary and Is It Painful?

Jul 01, 2021

Although tooth extraction is a routine dental procedure, we only remove the teeth if they are severely damaged. Our primary focus is to preserve your teeth and jaw integrity. However, there are times with our dentist Ellicott City opts for extraction as a treatment. Some of the several reasons why tooth extraction is done include:

  • Severely decayed teeth

When you have mild to moderate dental decay, teeth fillings are used to fix the decayed parts. If the decay spreads to the inner pulp chamber, then root canal therapy can be done to remove the damaged chamber. But, if the decay has damaged the ligaments and caused the teeth to wear out, tooth extraction in Ellicott City will be done to preserve the rest of the teeth.

  • Impacted teeth 

The most affected teeth are the wisdom teeth that often get trapped underneath the gums. The teeth usually come out after the jaw has attained maturity, meaning you may not have enough space to hold them The teeth can get partially or completely impacted and this affects the rest of the teeth and jaw.

  • Overcrowded teeth 

Teeth can become overcrowded when your jaws are narrow. A dentist near you can perform a tooth extraction to remove the extra teeth in preparation for teeth alignment. Orthodontia involves the use of braces to correct the position of the teeth.

Tooth extraction can be done as part of your periodontal treatment or when the primary teeth do not come out on time.

Is the Process of Removing Your Teeth Painful?

Pulling your permanent teeth can be painful, but the dentist usually takes the necessary steps to reduce the discomfort. Local anesthesia is used to numb the gums and the surrounding tissues. At times, dental sedation is used to keep you calm and reduce pain too.

What Can You Expect?

Tooth extraction can either be simple and surgical depending on the location and visibility of the teeth. The simple extraction involves removing visible teeth that lie above the gums. The process is fast, lasting about 30 minutes and the dentist will use forceps to pull the teeth.

A surgical extraction is a bit longer and it is done on the impacted teeth. The dentist will open the gums and cut the teeth into little pieces for easy extraction.

What Happens After the Teeth Removal Procedure?

You can expect gum bleeding, soreness and pain after the teeth are removed. These side effects will clear after a few days as the gums begin to heal, but the dentist will prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to ease pain and prevent infection.

After 24 hours, a blood clot will develop in the socket to facilitate healing. It is vital to avoid breaking the clot because it causes a dry socket, which causes pain and bad breath.

How Can You Tell if the Gum is Healing Properly?

Tooth extraction healing will differ depending on the type of extraction done. However, it is important to check the gums to determine if they are healing properly.

Within three days after the teeth are pulled, the gums will begin to heal and close, for the simple extraction. The surgical extraction site may begin to heal around the same time, but it can take two weeks for the gums to heal completely. 

You will no longer have soreness, tender gums, and pain. However, it is vital to visit the pediatric dentist ellicott city, if you experience fever, intense pain, swelling that does not go away, bad taste, and pus in the socket.

How Can You Speed Up Recovery After Tooth Extraction?

Every patient is different and the healing may take longer or shorter depending on your body. But, there are things you can do to speed up the healing time;

  • Take the pain medication and antibiotics as instructed by the dentist 
  • Do not remove the gauze pad for at least three to four hours
  • Avoid rinsing the mouth in the first 24 hours after the procedure 
  • Ice the affected site several times a day 

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