Truth About Dental Implants: Myths Vs. Facts

Apr 01, 2023

Are you considering dental implants as a viable option to replace missing teeth? Dental implants are metal screws surgically fixed into the jaw bone to restore lost teeth permanently. They are strong, stable, and durable and can replace one or more teeth. According to our dentist in Catonsville, dental implants are considered one of the most significant dental advancements in the industry. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths that surround dental implants that prevent qualified patients from getting them. Here are myths and facts about dental implants.

Myth: Young People Can’t Get Dental Implants

Fact: Dental implants can replace any adult missing teeth

While you may think that young people in their 20s or 30s aren’t suitable for dental implants, the truth remains that any healthy adult with enough bone density can receive implants. Additionally, implants have been made to fit everyone’s needs despite age.

Myth: Implants are Invasive and Painful

Fact: The Surgery May be Uncomfortable

Dental anxiety is common among patients and more so in dental treatments that require surgery. Fortunately, over the years, dental technology advancements have made dental treatments non-invasive. At Excel Dental Care, we assure your comfort and relaxation throughout the procedure. We will administer local anesthesia to numb the area we will work on. Sedation dentistry, such as IV sedation, is an option for patients with anxiety.

During the procedure, patients rarely experience pain or discomfort. However, there may be some discomfort and feelings of pulling or pressure that isn’t associated with pain. After the procedure, you will experience soreness and swelling, which can be received by pressing an ice pack and taking prescribed painkillers for relief.

Myth: The Procedure Is Risky

Fact: They Have a Success Rate of 98%

Surgical procedures are associated with risks, but overall, dental implant surgery has a success rate of 98%. The two percent of implant failure is rare and happens if you aren’t suitable for the implant. For dental implants, our team of experts will first examine your teeth and take imaging of your jaws to ensure you have enough bone density. They will then review your medical records to ensure that your body will not contradict the implant.

Myth: They are Expensive

Fact: Implants are Long-term Investment

At first, you may consider dental implants expensive, especially when the insurance policy doesn’t cover them additionally because you will require to pay for several visits to the dentist, the titanium posts, abutment, and the porcelain teeth. While when these costs add up, we will be required to dig deeper into our pockets, dental implants are a permanent solution. Implants are cheaper in the long run compared to other dental options, such as bridges and dentures. This is also because they will require less maintenance over time, and with proper care, you may only spend a dime on them for a while.

Myth: Implants are Unnatural

Fact: They Look Like Your Natural Teeth

This myth may be true for those who may have received dental implants from inexperienced dentists. Dentures are designed to look and feel natural, and our dentist near you will use the latest dental technology to ensure this. We use quality materials to customize crowns to match the rest of your natural teeth. The implants will also restore the function of your teeth, such as chewing and speaking. Since they are firmly anchored in place, you will not have to worry about them collapsing or damaging under the pressure of strong bites.

Myth: Implants Only Require Same-day Procedures Day

Fact: It’s a Process

This myth exists due to the overzealous adverts that make people believe they can get implant restorations in a day. While implants are placed in a day, an entire process involves multiple appointments, such as consultations, scans, and follow-up appointments. This process ensures that you are a good candidate for the implant.

Additionally, implants take time to heal. The titanium post fixed into your jawbone needs time to integrate with gum and the bone. This usually takes about three to six months; however, it will vary among patients. Maintain proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits to reduce the risk of infections and other oral issues.

Restorative dental procedures can be life-changing by giving us back the confidence to smile. If you are considering getting dental implants near you, book an appointment with us for consultations.

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