Top Six Indicators You May Need Dental Crowns

Dec 03, 2021

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps used to protect and restore the shape of your teeth when fillings cannot resolve problems like tooth decay. Metals, porcelain, resin, and ceramic help make dental crowns that don’t require special attention after placement besides good oral hygiene.


Dental crowns near you are efficient solutions to repair cracked teeth and prevent tooth loss. Porcelain is typically used to make dental crowns function as a tooth-shaped prosthesis to make it appear like your natural tooth. Repairing damaged teeth is essential to protect the appearance of your smile and your dental health from additional damage and deterioration later.


Dental crowns help serve many purposes besides protecting your smile and dental health. This article provides the top six reasons why you may need a dental crown over your teeth for various reasons.


1. Your Teeth Have Cracked or Broken


If you have chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, they may lack sufficient inner tooth structure to support other treatment options. Your teeth don’t have any mechanism to heal from cracks or breaks, making dental crowns in Ellicott city the most effective treatment for them. Teeth with extensive damages are best covered with dental crowns to help protect them from additional damage and restore their natural appearance and structure.


2. Misshapen Teeth Affect Your Smile


If you have a misshapen tooth in your mouth providing a flawed appearance, the dentist Ellicott city recommends a dental crown is an excellent option to enhance its shape. After crowning your tooth, it looks straight, white, and strong. Alternatively, if you don’t favor dental crowns getting orthodontic treatments is an option you can consider. However, orthodontic treatments require three years or more to straighten teeth and are best for people with extensive misalignments in their mouths. When you consult a restorative dentist, they recommend dental crowns if you have merely one or two misshapen teeth to correct your appearance and smile without investing in expensive treatments.


3. Tooth Decay


Tooth decay is a common problem affecting 91 percent of Americans at some point in their lives. If your tooth has decayed beyond restoration by fillings, you benefit by having a dental crown over the tooth because it entirely encases the tooth preventing damage to the tooth roots.


4. Extensive Fillings


If you have extensive fillings in a tooth that has cracked or fractured, you can consider a dental crown to restore the filling, especially if sufficient tooth structure doesn’t remain. Large fillings compromise the structure of your tooth and its structural integrity. The tooth becomes prone to cracking, making it essential for you to protect it by having a dental crown placed over the damaged tooth.


5. Endodontic Treatments


Endodontic treatments, when performed by specialists, can effectively protect your tooth from extraction. Root canal treatments performed by Endodontists while effectively preserving your natural tooth render it fragile from the insides of removing the dental pulp. The Endodontist recommends you have it restored with a permanent filling or a dental crown to protect it from breakage because of reduced blood supply. You can have a permanent filling placed over the tooth by your dentist. However, if you intend to use the tooth for as long as your remaining natural teeth, you benefit by having a dental crown placed over it for best results.


6. Existing Crown Is Damaged or Missing


Dental crowns also help restore damaged or missing teeth when they are coupled with dental bridges or dental implants. Both solutions restore the appearance of your smile and the functionality of your mouth by providing you artificial teeth looking and feeling natural besides restoring your mouth’s functionality, allowing you to eat and speak correctly, and enjoying life as though you never lost your teeth.


Dental Crowns Explained


Your teeth can sustain damages over time for various reasons, with tooth decay, injuries, and regular use being the most prominent. As your teeth start losing shape or size, you can have them restored with dental crowns fitting snugly like tooth-shaped caps over your existing damaged tooth. Dental crowns restore your tooth’s shape, strength, size, and appearance.


Dental crowns are customized explicitly for you in dental laboratories after the Ellicott city dentist prepares your tooth to receive the crown. After you restore your tooth with dental crowns, you can expect the repairs to last for ten years or more with appropriate dental care.

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