How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Usually Last?

Oct 03, 2022

One of the greatest features of a human face is a smile. A bright, healthy, and beautiful smile attracts the right kind of attention. That said, wouldn’t you want to flaunt the prettiest smile in the room? Part of having a beautiful smile entails keeping your teeth white. It is not always possible without the intervention of a dentist. Some of the factors that can necessitate teeth whitening procedures are:

  1. Smoking
  2. Taking alcohol
  3. Poor oral hygiene
  4. Consuming many heavily pigmented foods and drinks like red wine and berries

What Is Professional Teeth whitening?

It is a treatment protocol for removing stains and discoloration from teeth. It entails breaking down and dissolving stains and elevating your appearance. Professional teeth whitening near you is quite different from other methods of brightening your teeth. It requires visiting a dentist for a dental exam before the whitening process begins. The dentist evaluates your oral health to check for any underlying dental problems that may need attention before whitening your teeth. Afterward, you are safe to proceed with the process of whitening your smile.

What Does the Treatment Entail?

Professional teeth whitening in Ellicott City is perhaps the most popular cosmetic procedure in dentistry. It typically entails bleaching the enamels to remove intrinsic and surface stains. The dentist will clean your teeth to remove any plaque and tartar before beginning the bleaching process. Afterward, your dentist will protect your gums before applying the bleaching agents directly to your teeth. Using a laser, the dentist will activate the whitening agents to begin breaking down the stains from your teeth. After the first round of bleaching, the dentist will rinse the products to observe the changes in your teeth’ color. (S)he will repeat the process for about four rounds until (s)he achieves the desired results.

How Long Should You Wait Before Your Teeth Are White?

In office Teeth whitening will not have you waiting for hours or weeks before you can realize your desired results. Usually, teeth bleaching treatment sessions last about 45 to 60 minutes. You should notice drastic changes in your teeth’ color before you leave the dentist’s office. However, sometimes we recommend at-home whitening kits for our patients at Excel Dental Care. It is usually the case if patients have very stubborn stains or when they need to maintain their new teeth’ color.

How Is Professional Teeth Whitening Dissimilar to Other Methods?

If your dentist in Ellicott City insists that professional teeth whitening is better than all the other methods, believe him/her. Dental experts have quite some experience with whitening teeth, whether in general or cosmetic dentistry. Some of the factors that make professional teeth whitening stand out from other approaches are:

  1. Immediate results – you will notice a significant improvement in the brightness of your teeth while still in the dentist’s office. Other teeth whitening approaches require continuous retreatment over an extended period before you can yield the anticipated results.
  2. It is a safe whitening approach – teeth whitening that involves a dentist near you will not put your oral cavity in harm’s way. The dentist will cater to your teeth’ and gums’ safety during the teeth bleaching process.
  3. Incredible results – you can trust professional teeth whitening because it yields incredible results. You can whiten your teeth up to four shades whiter than the initial color.
  4. Long-lasting effects – nothing is as frustrating as noticing stains on your newly whitened teeth. The good news with professional teeth whitening is that you can keep your teeth bright for between 6 and 12 months without needing retreatment.
  5. It encourages good oral hygiene – dentists perform dental cleanings before teeth whitening procedures in several instances. After both treatments, you will have a clean and healthy mouth and a white, bright smile. It may be all the motivation you need to keep up with good oral hygiene.
  6. It encourages routine dental visits – even though regular dental visits are a staple for maintaining excellent oral health, very few people take them up. After teeth whitening treatment, you may be encouraged to visit your dentists every six or so months while you consider retreatment.

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